Our Services:

At Care 4 Debt we will:   

  • Legally and immediately stop your creditors and debt collectors from harassing you with private phone calls, letters and visits.
  • Legally reduce your monthly debt repayment. Your monthly debt repayment amounts will decrease legally and fast for immediate relief.
  • Ensure that you have enough money left each month to provide for you and your family’s day to day living expenses and needs.
  • Ensure that you don’t lose your assets and get your life back immediately.
  • We will show you how thousands of South Africans are legally paying less on debt repayments each month AND keeping their assets AND keeping their creditors happy.
  • Get immediate relief in your financial situation.
  • Ensure that you do not get blacklisted.
  • Negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.
  • Restructure your debt so that you only have one affordable monthly instalment.


  • TO ALL EMPLOYERS: we will assist all you’re over indebted employees.
  • TO ALL CREDIT PROVIDERS: we will assist all you’re over indebted clients.
    How to apply for Debt Counselling


  • Free assessment via email: We will send you a free consumer budged plan via e-mail that will help you to determine your level of indebtedness. You can request your free budget plan at: alicelubbe@telkomsa.net
  • Appointments
    You are welcome to make an appointment so that we can assist you with the drafting of your budget in order to determine your level of over indebtedness. All assessments are free of charge.